Sunday, August 18, 2013

The New Frontier

Africa is becoming the new frontier in the realms of international relations. The focus of international political and economical lens keeps shifting more towards the developing countries as it once had on the Middle East. The scars and memories of the protests in places like Libya and Egypt still remain, the mass interest of the Chinese who seek energy resources have sparked many development concerns, and the sprouting of al-Qaeda affiliates all of which reside in Africa. These are just a few examples of the scattered signs that have begun to shine light on how this vast continent that holds such amazing opportunities for development regionally and globally. What had interested me to study in Ghana was the non-traditional experience it offered. As a student from the most politically and economically powerful country in the world, Ghana enables me to see the perspective of the world stage from a developing country; a perspective which cannot be gained from any amount of academic literature. Ghana also presents itself in a unique state a midst a continent full of struggling governments. Ghana compared to the rest of region as well as Africa as a whole is a success story. A stable government with a stable society is hard to come by, so I want to discover what elements contribute to this beyond from what the experts say. Living in Ghana and studying among its future generation will absolutely satisfy my desire for new knowledge as well as offer one amazing experience that I will never forget. 

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